CAFOD worker inspires at Aquinas College

On a recent visit to a local Stockport college, the Emergency Programme Manager for CAFOD’s Syria response shared his insights into the world of humanitarian working with the next generation.

Alan at Aquinas.jpg

Alan Thomlinson first travelled to Syria in 2010 as a tourist, and recently returned from a trip almost seven years later in his role as Emergency Programme Manager for CAFOD.

Students were interested to hear about working in international development and to learn about the enormous impact of the Syrian crisis.

Alan inspired the students by sharing his experiences as an aid worker and the impact this has had on his life both personally and professionally.

He said: “I enjoyed sharing my experiences with the group at Aquinas College.  The group were interested and it was brilliant to be able to enlighten them on the realities of working in the humanitarian sector, but equally to share with them the sense of reward that this comes with working in the field.”

Sadiqah Sultana, a lower sixth Global Justice and Peace student at Aquinas, said:  “I attended the talk and Alan informed us about the ongoing complex issues in Syria and how CAFOD provides short term aid for those suffering in the war torn country.

“He gave us his insight on his shaky journey to becoming a humanitarian worker and the difficulties in getting a career in international development. Overall, I enjoyed the talk as it educated me on topics I didn’t understand before and taught me where generous donations to CAFOD go to.”

The talk highlighted the complexity of the crisis in Syria, and Alan explained how aid agencies like CAFOD are responding to the challenges that arise.

CAFOD’s local representative in Stockport, Bridget Fenwick, said: “Thanks firstly to Alan, who offered such a great insight into his work, and secondly to the students at Aquinas who showed such a deep understanding of the topic and an eagerness to learn about CAFOD’s work.”

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Young people confirm World Gifts

Confirmation group_Wallasey

The young men in the Confirmation group

The Confirmation candidates, parents and catechists from St Joseph & St Alban parish, Wallasey, had a sponsored walk on Saturday 16th April as part of their Service to the Community. 

The walk started at St Alban’s church, Liscard and progressed through Central Park to St Joseph’s church, then along the promenade to Mariner’s Park and back to St Alban’s.  On returning we attended 12 o’clock Mass following which we all enjoyed pizzas for lunch. 

We raised £217 and the candidates chose to buy a School starter pack, The goat that gives, Healthy Mum & Baby Pack, Winter Survival Kit and 2 Pairs of pigeons.

World gifts – take a look at what the boys bought. Why not buy a gift yourself and make a real difference to communities living in developing countries?

Thanks to everyone, especially the four young men for serving the wider world community.

The Generosity of Children

Children at St John the Evangelist Church in New Ferry gave up their pocket money and raised the amazing sum of £91.47p. With this they bought world gifts including a chicken breeding farm.

In addition to chickens this gift includes the equipment and food needed to rear them, the training on how to look after them properly and the vaccinations to keep chickens healthy for longer. A chicken breeding farm can give a family everything they need to develop a sustainable business.

Children_St John_New Ferry_Lent 16

Sam and Poppy showing off the display they made during children’s liturgy on the first Sunday of Lent.

The children also bought a vegetable garden that gives a family everything they need to grow their own vegetables and enjoy a healthy nutritious diet.

Check out the range of world gifts

Well done to the children in St John’s!