Wirral campaigners take part in ‘Walk of Witness’

During the Week of Action, a group of walkers from Wallasey joined together to campaign for local, renewable energy around the world by taking on a ‘walk of witness.’ by Rosie Heaton

 The walk, which lasted four miles and passed by a series of renewable energy sources, was organised by Anne and Jill from Holy Apostles and Martyr’s Church in Wallasey as part of the Climate Coalition’s Speak up week of action.

Our first stop on the day was Cross Lane, on the site of an old landfill. By the site was five wind turbines, situated on the site of Wallasey Fleet Hire who aims to be the first vehicle hire company in the UK to be completely powered by wind turbine electricity.

We then moved on to the Solar Campus, a listed building completed in 1962 by Emslie A Morgan.  This building has glass panels on the side, and is heated using passive solar energy. Two of the walkers had actually attended this school when it was first built and so it was interesting to hear their views on how effective it was – apparently it always stayed nice and warm in the winter time!

After visiting the Solar Campus, we walked to the beach where we were able to see the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm, which has been fully operational since 2007. Its enormity is hard to imagine from the beach, where it is still 7 kilometres away from the shore. The wind turbines are almost as tall as Blackpool Tower and the site is 10km² in total… That makes it equal to 1,400 Anfield football pitches!

The walk was a really great idea to support the Speak up Week of Action and CAFOD’s Power to Be campaign and it was a real treat to see how many people, not just from the church, turned up to show their support.

The weather was very kind to us and it was great to see sustainable energy being brought to the forefront of people’s minds, plus being able to celebrate the resources that are being used so close to home.

Thank you to Anne, Jill, and everyone who took part in the walk for a great day!

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One Climate, One World: CAFOD speaker from Zimbabwe tours England and Wales

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Takura picIn July, Takura Gwatinyanya, from CAFOD partner Caritas Harare, will be travelling across England and Wales to share his passion for tackling poverty and to show how your support is making a difference in Zimbabwe.

Meet Takura and discover more about CAFOD’s climate and energy campaign at a series of special events, starting in London on Wednesday 6 July.

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We caught up with Takura to ask his about his family, his work and what keeps him motivated.

Tell us a little bit about your family.

I am married to Rutendo Avriel, and we have one five-year-old son.

You’re an expert in water and sanitation. What makes you passionate about this area?

My experience in sanitation and humanitarian work has shown me that access to water and sanitation is a fundamental human right. It bring human dignity, with immediate and evidenced results. The need for decent…

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Volunteers to Volunteers

“A very interesting link-up with volunteers in Uganda. Amazing to hear about volunteers visiting people living with HIV/AIDS and supporting them in their homes. Also they support the orphans who are placed with Grandparents.”

During National Volunteer week in this country, we linked up with volunteers working with two of our partners in Uganda. Eight volunteers from our diocese came together in the Volunteer Centre to take part in a webinar with volunteers from St Francis Home Based Care in Kampala and KitovuMobile who are situated just SW of the capital. Together the two partner organisations deploy nearly 500 volunteers, the majority of whom are women.

Listen to the recording of the webinar


Eileen, Toni and Vin from our diocese shared what they did in their roles as Parish, Campaign and School volunteers. The volunteers from Uganda did the same explaining how they worked with community members living with HIV and AIDS, cancer and in poverty in their communities.

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Read about Ssebula Francis, a volunteer HIV worker in Uganda.

At the end, the discussion was opened for questions. The Ugandan staff and volunteers were particularly curious about the age of our volunteers as they had observed we were all quite old! Despite this difference, the dedication and commitment of volunteers on both sides, was evident. As was the fact, that none of the three organisations could do the work we do, without volunteers. And not just any volunteers but the ones we have, who are committed, dedicated and extremely good at what they do!

Thank you to each and every one of you.

“I felt it was brilliant. Our volunteers spoke very clearly and very well. It was fascinating to hear from folk in Uganda. I learnt a lot.” Jean

“This was very informative and gave a good insight into the life and work of the volunteers in that area and the input of CAFOD.” Finbar