World Environmental Day 5th June

This week there have been so many thing to celebrate thanks to the Volunteers’ Week. However, this does not stop here. Today we are also celebrating the WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY! Who gets tired of celebrating these incredible days? I definitely don’t… especially when the celebration involves cake, but that is another topic.

So, today we wanted to celebrate the impact of the campaign Power to Be. More than 30,000 people signed the Power to be petition for the World Bank to ensure that the poorest people have access to renewable energy. This demonstrates how people are passionate for helping others and take care of the environment.

The UK’s representative at the World Bank, Melanie Robinson said: “Without reliable access to electricity, entrepreneurs find it harder to set up small businesses and create jobs. Electricity is also crucial for communities, to provide light for children to study at night and to refrigerate vaccines in health facilities.”

Hope that this inspires you to keep going in those positive actions that you are already doing for the environment. It is not only about acknowledging what we might do wrong for the environment, but also feeling proud that we are making a better world with our actions. Furthermore, the World Bank announced in December that they will no longer finance oil and gas exploration and production after 2019. This is a big step forward and shows that the World Bank is prepared to transform its energy spending.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9



Wallasey walkers ‘Share the Journey’

A group of walkers from a Wallasey have joined thousands of others to help complete a 24,900-mile walk around the world in solidarity with refugees.

AL stj walk.png

On 18 March, over twenty supporters of the international development charity CAFOD hosted the first of many walks in their community as part of their goal to reach 500 miles walked for the Share the Journey campaign.

The Share the Journey campaign, launched by Pope Francis last year, aims to promote greater understanding of refugees and migrants and to call on governments to protect those forced to flee their homes due to poverty or war. It is being championed by international Catholic charities, including CAFOD.

CAFOD supporters are aiming to walk 24,900 miles – the distance around the world – by September in solidarity with refugees.

The seven-mile walk, organised by members of the parish of Holy Apostles and Martyrs in Wallasey, spanned from Wallasey village through to New Brighton, with views of the Mersey Estuary and the Irish Sea.

The group hopes their walk will raise awareness before world leaders meet on 19 September at the United Nations General Assembly in New York to reach two new agreements on protecting refugees and migrants.

One of the organisers of the walk, Anne Litherland, said: “It’s amazing to be able to stand in solidarity with refugees and take some positive action on something we often feel so powerless to help. This is our chance to follow Pope Francis’ lead and bring the community together.

“We are in the middle of finalising more dates for walks so that we will be able to reach our goal of 500 miles. It’s brilliant that we were joined by young people too, including members of the Catholic youth organisation, the Youth SVP, who were sponsored to raise funds for CAFOD, and another group who were fundraising for their trip to Lourdes later this year.”

Groups across England and Wales are now urging Britain to play a leading role in the UN negotiations. CAFOD has launched a petition to the Prime Minister to ensure the UK takes a prominent lead at the assembly.

CAFOD’s local representative in Wallasey, Katie Hallows, added:  “We want to say a massive thank you to those at the parish of Holy Apostles and Martyrs in Wallasey. They came together and showed local leaders that protecting refugees and migrants is an important issue to their communities.

Share the Journey will deliver a powerful message to world leaders that we want new global agreements that ensure refugees and migrants can live fairly and with dignity.”

Find out how you can join the campaign 



Get Crafty this Valentine’s Day with our Share a Green Heart Campaign

Written by CAFOD volunteer, Sacha Wynne

How many things that you LOVE are affected by climate change every year?


On February 14th 2018, Show the Love urges schools, churches, communities and YOU to start a conversation about climate change and how the things you love are affected by it.

With a shocking two out of three people never having had a conversation about climate change, we need to Show the Love now more than ever!


So! Do you have a passion for fashion? Are you taken with baking?

Here are some top tips for how to spark up conversation with people about something we should all regularly share our love for, the earth!

Wear your green heart with confidence!

One super easy way of supporting this campaign is by ordering some green heart stickers to wear. Use these stickers as a convenient talking point for those interested in what they


Create with your mates!

  • Why not take things a notch further and create your own green hearts to pin! These will be instant eyebrow raisers and will grab everyone’s attention so that conversations about climate cafod green heartschange start with intrigue!
  • Sewing not your thing? How about latch embroidery? This creative little rag rug heart will be an instant head turner, perfect to clip to reusable shopping bags or to give as a gift!
  • Green fingers more your style? Give this seeded heart a go with our easy step by step plan. No soil or mess involved, just paper, a blender and seeds for your main needs!

Cook and bake till you flake!

  • Let’s face it, food is where it’s at when it comes to getting people interested in something new. If you’re more at home with cooking try your hand at this amazing heart shaped pizza! Bellissimo!

  • Feel like you’ve got it in the bag when it comes to baking? Then why not try your hand at our delicious macarons recipe!? (Love heart shaped of course!)

And that’s all you need to be a Show the Love campaigner! Simple as that! For more information on Show the Love or to look up tips for conversations visit the CAFOD website!