Wirral campaigners take part in ‘Walk of Witness’

During the Week of Action, a group of walkers from Wallasey joined together to campaign for local, renewable energy around the world by taking on a ‘walk of witness.’ by Rosie Heaton

 The walk, which lasted four miles and passed by a series of renewable energy sources, was organised by Anne and Jill from Holy Apostles and Martyr’s Church in Wallasey as part of the Climate Coalition’s Speak up week of action.

Our first stop on the day was Cross Lane, on the site of an old landfill. By the site was five wind turbines, situated on the site of Wallasey Fleet Hire who aims to be the first vehicle hire company in the UK to be completely powered by wind turbine electricity.

We then moved on to the Solar Campus, a listed building completed in 1962 by Emslie A Morgan.  This building has glass panels on the side, and is heated using passive solar energy. Two of the walkers had actually attended this school when it was first built and so it was interesting to hear their views on how effective it was – apparently it always stayed nice and warm in the winter time!

After visiting the Solar Campus, we walked to the beach where we were able to see the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm, which has been fully operational since 2007. Its enormity is hard to imagine from the beach, where it is still 7 kilometres away from the shore. The wind turbines are almost as tall as Blackpool Tower and the site is 10km² in total… That makes it equal to 1,400 Anfield football pitches!

The walk was a really great idea to support the Speak up Week of Action and CAFOD’s Power to Be campaign and it was a real treat to see how many people, not just from the church, turned up to show their support.

The weather was very kind to us and it was great to see sustainable energy being brought to the forefront of people’s minds, plus being able to celebrate the resources that are being used so close to home.

Thank you to Anne, Jill, and everyone who took part in the walk for a great day!

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St John’s, Bridgnorth launch Live Simply

Paul and Clare Cooper from St John’s Church in Bridgnorth record the minutes from their first meeting to launch the Live Simply award in the parish

The morning began with Meet and Greet and coffee. A total of 20 people attended.

Fr Iain began the meeting with the Live Simply Prayer.

Mary Gilbert presented a short video about how the Live Simply Campaign has been taken up in other parishes around the country, which included examples of specific projects that groups were working on and the benefits that had been brought, not only to others, but to those involved.

Watch the video

Mary explained the principles of the Campaign which covered three areas titled ‘living simply’, ‘living sustainably’ and ‘living in solidarity’. We were shown resources such as ‘100 Ideas’ and the Live Simply Hymn from the CAFOD web site:

Discussion followed about what we were already doing as a parish, such as supporting the Bridgnorth food bank, Mary’s meals, SVP sick visiting and lifts to Mass, among other activities. Post-it notes were provided for people to discuss with others in the meeting what they did at home as individuals or families to contribute towards living simply, sustainably and in solidarity with others. Further ideas were encouraged to create momentum for possible projects.

John Gilbert collated all the ideas and presented a summary of the different categories

It was proposed to sign up as a parish to Live Simply and work towards the award. The vote was unanimous and Fr. Iain backed the proposal.

Fr. Iain also commented on some of the attractive ideas suggested in the ‘100 Ideas’ list including:-

  1. CAFOD World Gifts / Christmas cards for sale in Church
  2. Feast of St Francis Liturgy
  3. Create a quiet contemplation space at the side of the Church and include bird feeders, bird/ bat boxes etc
  4. Consider using a Credit Union
  5. Cook a meal from scratch using only local ingredients

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Mary went on to show an example of an action plan for the award and discussed the time span and eventual assessment in order to achieve the award. She suggested that we would need to set up a Steering Group to take the ideas forward. Most thought they would like more time to consider and it was agreed that we would have another meeting specifically to create a Steering Group and to develop our ideas.

The meeting ended with Holy Mass.