Biking Blunder Turned Success

Today we are celebrating the tremendous achievement of our very own fundraising champion Tony Clarke, 53, from New Brighton. Like many things, life doesn’t always go to plan… and when life gives you lemons… well, Tony made buckets of lemonade…

With a 6,000- mile flight planned to Nairobi, Tony stepped forward for the adventure of a lifetime – a 200-mile group bike ride on the African continent. With scorching temperatures and high altitudes, the journey covered a four-day stretch.

Everything was going to plan and Tony was all set for his expedition when he received a notice from his insurance company. The notice stated that due to his health conditions – diabetes and bipolar affective disorder – he would need to pay three times the cost of his flight just for his insurance cover alone. Imagine that…!? (We’re in solidarity with you here Tony!)

Now any other Tom, Dick or Harry may well have said; “Pfft! That’s unfortunate, I’ll give it a try another time”, but Tony decided that 6,000 miles was not going to come between him and this fundraising target.

Our brilliant Tony self-organised his own homemade biking expedition covering over 200 miles on British soil. Tony took forward his cycling shoes from his home in New Brighton to Prestatyn, Prestatyn to Llandudno and back again via Chester. What a breathtaking trip (literally!). New Brighton obviously has a new fundraising hero! And we’re stoked to be Tony’s charity of choice!

In an interview during the trip Tony said:

“I was sad not to be riding in the same temperatures or at the same altitude as the group in Africa, but I’ll be riding in solidarity with them and my children will be coming to cheer me along at various points!”

“It was an honour to be asked by one of my college friends to take part in this ride. CAFOD is a charity close to my heart and that of my family. I’ve doubled my initial target of £250 so I’m really pleased.”

We are too Tony! And we are so pleased to have been part of your great adventure. CAFOD’s local representative in New Brighton, Katie Hallows, added:

“The money he has raised will make a huge difference to the lives of so many people living overseas, helping to equip communities with the skills and opportunities they need to live with dignity and support their families. Well done Tony!”

We hope you found Tony’s story as inspirational as we do. If you would like to do something similar to support CAFOD’s work around the world then please get in touch via email or phone.

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