“A bridge from a place of suffering to a better world” – Welcoming Livison

Last week, it was an honour to welcome Livison, CAFOD’s project officer from Zimbabwe, to the Shrewsbury Diocese as part of his speaking tour around the North West and North East of England this Lent.EP2

Livison spoke a group of CAFOD volunteers and supporters in Ellesmere Port, who came out to welcome him and learn about CAFOD’s projects in Zimbabwe, one of the focus countries of this year’s Lent appeal.

Speaking about how CAFOD funded projects are helping to combat hunger and malnutrition in the country, Livison told the story of Marian and her family, including her seven year old son, Svondo.

Svondo’s brother, Tawanda, never had enough food growing up so he cried a lot and didn’t play.  But thanks to CAFOD supporters from England and Wales, his brother Svondo has enough food to eat to keep him healthy. This means he plays a lot and loves peanut butter!

Livison shared with volunteers a direct message from Marian:

“I’m very grateful to CAFOD supporters for what they’ve done. You have been a bridge from a place of suffering to a better world. If I were to meet you, it would be such a blessing. I’d like to ask you, what drives you to give to others? Is it your kindness?”

Livison said: “The people of Ellesmere Port have been very welcoming.

“Sometimes, we wonder where to get the strength and motivation but the prayers and donations from CAFOD supporters help us to keep motivated, encouraging us to make positive changes in our lives.”

CAFOD’s local representative in Ellesmere Port, Katie Hallows, added: “We are really grateful to have had the chance to celebrate the work our volunteers have been doing in the local area.  To be able to have had such an insightful input from Livison, who gave the group an understanding of some of the struggles that people in Zimbabwe are facing, was appreciated.

“It’s the long-time commitment of volunteers like those from Ellesmere Port that ensures that CAFOD can support the world’s poorest people to live with dignity.”

It was an honour to welcome Livison to Ellesmere Port and hearing his stories was truly inspiring.

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Are you holding any events this Lent in your parish or school? Giving something up? Let us know – we’d love to celebrate your story!

Email shrewsbury@cafod.org.uk or call 01244 677594

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