Advent nativity – CAFOD display

St Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Crewe are holding an Advent nativity display created by the groups in the parish. Here, Harish describes the CAFOD display.


Theme: One Family – One World

We are One World – a global family created in the image of Our Lord. Advent signals the happiness of the global family at the coming of the promised Saviour, born into the Holy Family, within our midst.

Our display shows the Nativity scene, with the Holy Family represented, in the three glass vases in the silver tray, by the pure white hyacinth blooms. Notice the younger bloom of the infant Jesus in the middle. The Star – depicted by  roses, red for love and white for respect, together symbolising unity – beams down upon the Glory of God in the form of a Holy Babe.

Marriage, fidelity, and true love are the core foundations of the family. A family begins with a couple willing to work together through the good and bad times. This is represented. by the Chrysanthemums in the bowl– symbolizing the connection between two people, and the azalea – the first love that blooms into a lasting union. The pink and yellow rose bloom, brings waves of happiness into the home whilst the carnations represents the family’s pride and comfort in their home.

The craspedia – the yellow and other coloured round spheres – in the globe represents all the peoples of our World, with the laurel twining, around it, a symbol of peace reaching out to all in our One World.

We are One Family – One World, We are CAFOD

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