Lampedusa Cross reaches St Vincent’s, Altrincham

Terry Morris, the Parish Volunteer in St Vincent’s writes about the installation of the Lampedusa Cross in their Lady Chapel and the actions they took as a parish community.

The cross was brought by CAFOD Shrewsbury Co-ordinator, Bridget Fenwick from Our St Vincent's_CrossLady and St Joseph’s Parish, Wallasey and received at the Friday 12.15 Mass by Terry and Brenda Morris for installation by Father Keith. Brenda Gough  provided an imaginative background design and Deacon John Penny gave homilies at  the Saturday evening and Sunday masses:-

Homily Extract

“To truly empty ourselves of selfishness is to share in Christ’s life, enabling us to hold out the hand of friendship and mercy to anyone in need. We have received into our church this simple wooden cross, made by Francesco Tuccio from the wreckage of boats used by refugees who died in their attempt to find freedom and peace. This Lampedusa cross comes to us at the start of the week of prayer for refugees. We will keep a flame burning for all who have lost their lives in the struggle for

Terry Morris (third from left) with some of the St Vincent's CAFOD group.

Terry Morris (third from left) with some of the St Vincent’s CAFOD group.

freedom and you can come here to pray that the Lord will lead us in ways to support refugees and to pray for an end to conflict and an end to the tragic loss of innocent life. There are cards here on which you can write messages of support or draw pictures. These will be sent by our Cafod Justice and Peace Group to refugees so that they know that we are at least thinking of and praying for them.”

Canon John, not long back from Italy, welcomed the installation at our Lady Chapel . Over the weekend he too encouraged parishioners to pray for refugees and migrants, and to write messages of hope to be sent  to them via CAFOD.  A children’s liturgy was held. Prayer card contributors ranged from our most senior parishioners to a drawing by a 2½ year-old! Many heartfelt hopes have been sent on for inclusion in a special diocesan event in Shrewsbury Cathedral  on 12 November.

 A prayer offering

Look with mercy, O Lord, on refugees who, as your own Holy Family once was, are in danger in their homes, in the desert or on the sea. Bring them to safety and a life where no-one will make them afraid. May the Cross of Lampedusa be a symbol of hope for them, and  all who work and pray on their behalf.     Amen.


The pilgrimage continued to Christ Church Parish in Heald Green. One of the many parishes involved, like our own, from Shrewsbury Diocese.





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