Young people confirm World Gifts

Confirmation group_Wallasey

The young men in the Confirmation group

The Confirmation candidates, parents and catechists from St Joseph & St Alban parish, Wallasey, had a sponsored walk on Saturday 16th April as part of their Service to the Community. 

The walk started at St Alban’s church, Liscard and progressed through Central Park to St Joseph’s church, then along the promenade to Mariner’s Park and back to St Alban’s.  On returning we attended 12 o’clock Mass following which we all enjoyed pizzas for lunch. 

We raised £217 and the candidates chose to buy a School starter pack, The goat that gives, Healthy Mum & Baby Pack, Winter Survival Kit and 2 Pairs of pigeons.

World gifts – take a look at what the boys bought. Why not buy a gift yourself and make a real difference to communities living in developing countries?

Thanks to everyone, especially the four young men for serving the wider world community.

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