Polish white borscht with sausage and egg soup

St Eds. macc soup lunch_Lent 16Polish white borscht with sausage and egg soup was one of the more unusual soups on the menu at the Soup Lunch held by parishioners of St. Edward’s in Macclesfield on the first Saturday of Lent.

Soup lunch is one of the traditional ways that parishioners support CAFOD during Lent. Bridget Ovey, (in picture below) the organiser for the last ten or so years said: ‘It’s a nice way of bringing the parish together and it’s great working together as a team in the kitchen and ‘waiting on’ the tables.’

St Eds, macc lent soup lunch_Bridget the organiser

The lunch is also one way that the parish can reach out both to our global neighbours and to those closer to home in the surrounding area.

‘We’ve been talking about the Year of Mercy so decided to welcome the wider community as well as raise funds for CAFOD.’  Chris Walsh, a parishioner (in picture below)

St Eds, macc lent soup lunch_Chris walsh

The soup lunch raised £230 and just as importantly it raised awareness of our sisters and brothers across the world who are living in poverty. Dave Smith, the Chair of the Parish Council, (in picture below) when asked why the Parish holds this event, said: ‘We do this to continue to raise awareness of the plight of those who don’t have the basics that we’re used to. It also highlights the role of CAFOD in supporting them. We can hold small events that potentially make a big impact.’

St Eds, macc lent soup lunch_Dave Smith 2 Chair

Thank you St Edward’s!

Roll on next year to see what unusual soups will be on the menu!



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