2016 New Year for Shrewsbury

Happy New Year to everyone in CAFOD Shrewsbury!

This year is a special one for all Catholics throughout the world. Pope Francis has designated it as the Year of Mercy. The year when we all think about our brothers and sisters who are living in poverty and when we all try especially hard to put our faith into action by carrying out corporal acts of mercy. Is this not what CAFOD and all those involved with the organisation have been doing for years? Can we then sit back complacently and feel a great sense of pride in how good we are?

Those questions are, of course, rhetorical and we all know the true answer to them.

Read Susy from our Theology Team’s blog about the Year of Mercy

To that end CAFOD Shrewsbury, following the example of Pope Francis in Rome on December 8th, is opening its door even wider this year. We are quite literally opening the door of our Volunteer Centre and inviting everyone to come in on Wednesday afternoons from 12 noon to 4pm.

Open House_flyer_final

Come and meet other volunteers. Prepare your materials for your next school visit or parish talk. Come and find out more on the issues you are speaking about, working on or just interested in.

If you’re not involved already why not come and find out more about CAFOD’s work.

Visit the website to find out more about volunteering with us.

Our first Open House will be on Wednesday 27th January. See you there!

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