CAFOD Shrewsbury at the Lobby


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Supporters from all parts of Shrewsbury Diocese were busy during May and June gathering  their thoughts and asks about climate change. These were translated into words

and drawings  to create bunting which was taken to London for the Lobby of Parliament on June 17th. Jane from Marple delivered bunting made by pupils at St Mary’s School Marple Bridge.  Other MPs  from  Oswestry, Altrincham and Sale, Chester and Ellesmere Port and Neston  were lobbied by CAFOD supporters. ( There may well have been more)

At the Ecumenical Services in St Margaret’s Church Westminster Abbey and the Emmanuel Centre,  on the morning of June 17th,  we joined with supporters from many organisations to sing and listen to an address from the Bishop of Salisbury and a testimony from an overseas CAFOD staff member. We then began the lobby a festival atmosphere with a firm message.

Some of the MPs arrived in Rickshaws to meet their constituents in the open air, others met in Parliament. A group of  fourteen from Chester were due to meet our new MP Chris Mattheson, however he was held up in the House of Commons. Later in the day he arranged for us to meet him in the House. We lobbied him on the members terrace. The group consisted of CAFOD Christian Aid and the Green Party all with deep concerns about the plight of our planet.Chris listened and asked questions of us. He is keen to come to meetings of the various groups to listen to our concerns and will table questions.

On the day  communities from diverse backgrounds and interests came together with a common message,” We need to address Climate Change” . Let’s hope our MPs have listened and will act.

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