Livesimply: Reducing our impact on the climate

CAFOD’s Livesimply campaign remains evermore relevant and useful when it comes to reducing our impacts on the climate. By living more sustainably and taking only what we need we are living the Gospel values of care and greater solidarity with the poor.

Here are some ways in which living simply can reduce our impact on the climate:

Eat less meat…

Eating a plant based diet just once a week uses fewer resources and produces 930 lbs less of CO2 a year

More talking, less clicking…

Most of us spend a lot of time on our computers or electronic games this means we talk less face to face as friends and families. Save the power: Talk or play board games or read!

Drive less…

Walk or car share to church. Commit to walking or cycling to places less than 2 miles away.

 Turn it off and save energy…

Turn out the lights when you leave a room. Unplug your power lead when you finish using a laptop or electronic game or charging up your mobile phone.

 Reduce packaging waste…

Buy more food without packaging or make sure it has only one layer of packaging.

In following one or more of the suggestions above together we can reduce our carbon consumption and so do our part to protect the climates of the world.

(adapted from St.Alban’s Parish, Macclesfield, Monthly Newsletter, Feb 2015)

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