Lenten Lunches

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The tradition of Lenten Lunches has spread far and wide across the country. Here in the Shrewsbury Diocese there are at least half a dozen parishes which keep this tradition (indeed some such lunches carry on all year). We have also found that Christian Churches in an area like to come together to hold lunches, splitting the proceeds between various charities. One such group are the combined Churches of Little Sutton.

Each Friday in Lent, members of the churches gather to share lunch, socialize and raise money for Christian Aid and CAFOD. This year the lunches were held in St Mary’s Hall, Hooton. The tables were beautifully laid, handmade goods and a recipe book of soup recipes were available for sale, along with a warm welcome and good food.

Inside the menu it read:

Friend of the Poor
Before you take this meal
please think about its aims.
Then eat sparingly and be thankful.(M. Bennion)

The atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming, with everyone catching up and enjoying each others company and good food.Many thanks to all those involved in such a successful series of events. It is gratifying to know that whatever is raised will be doubled through match funding.

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