Heart of the Gael CD

This CD was recorded over a two year period at Seven waves Radio as well as several artists donating tracks. It was produced with the aim of trying to capture some of the talent and generosity that makes the community of St Michael’s Irish Center so special.As everyone in the project has given their time on a voluntary basis it was decided that all proceeds from the sale of the CD should go to CAFOD’s Syria appeal.

Buiochas (thanks to)  

All the musicians and singers who were involved

Seven Waves Community Radio

St Michael’s Irish Centre

Comhaltas Ceoltori Eireann Duplication A1 CDs


 Project Manager: Patrick Morrison

Producers: Glyn Thomas and Ronan MacGabhann

Art Work: Jennie Nolan

Marketing : Finbarr Stewart

Duplication:  A1 CDs

If you are interested in buying one of the last few remaining CDs please contact Sue or Liz at CAFOD Shrewsbury  email: shrewsbury@cafod.org.uk  or tel. 01244677594










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