A Chance Walk Along the Prom One Sunday Led to………….

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A chance walk along the promenade at New Brighton one Sunday about thirteen years ago inspired one of our CAFOD supporters. On that Sunday Finbarr saw hundreds of people walking, wearing t shirts for a whole variety of Charities and wondered , ” Would I be able to to get a group of people together to walk for CAFOD?” The following year 2003 he did. Twelve years later the Wirral Coastal Walkers have raised £147.055 for CAFOD. This year despite the recession the 42 walkers raised £10,305 for the CAFOD Syrian Crisis Appeal. We can only imagine how many of our brothers and sisters have been helped by the walkers and their supporters over the years
It is on behalf of these individuals and communities that we want to thank Finbarr, our priests and all our walkers, and sponsors for your loyalty, good humour and commitment to this annual event and to helping others in need. You, have all been, and are, a real inspiration.
However as you can see from the slideshow all of this is rounded off by a fun packed presentation evening at St Werburgh and St Laurence Parish Birkenhead with music, dancing bingo, raffles, an auction and refreshments. This generous community come together to celebrate and have fun.

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