Bollington Fun Run 2013. What did the Runners and Walkers say?

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Another post about the Bollington Fun Run. We took so many photographs on the day we thought that you might like to see if you can spot yourself and get a flavour of the event. Thanks to Francesca from Head office who took many photos and interviewed some of the runners.

Monica Meah and Jenny Meah, Mum and Daughter team, from Macclesfield.
Monica Meah commented,”This is the first time I’ve been at Bollington, though I’m just walking it today! I’m here with my friends from my local Parish.”

Jenny “I’m here over for Christmas from Australia for three weeks, and it’s nice to come out with my mum and do the run for charity after Christmas. We know all about CAFOD and their work from our involvement with the local Parish, and it’s great to come and show our support!”

Anthony Folkes 46, and Annie Folkes, 14.
Anthony “We’re local to the area of Macclesfield, we’ve been training for a while for this run so we hope to run all the way round. This is our first Bollington Fun Run, we saw it advertised on a local poster. It’s been good to come and learn about CAFOD’s work, and the people it is helping. I’ll definitely come back next year!”

Anne Marie Connor and John Connor.
Anne Marie: – “I’m a deputy at All Hallows local College and we get involved with a lot of events there for CAFOD. We also attend one of the local Parishes, St Albans. This is our first time at the Bollington Fun Run, we’re definitely walking round the route though!”

Kieran 8, Sebastian 2, Hannah, 9. Grandchildren of CAFOD staff member Bridget Fenwick who came along to her first Bollington Fun Run.
Kieran “I’m excited for our run today! Sebastian is only little, so he won’t run very fast.”

Zoe Buchanan from Sheffield.
“I’ve done the run twice before, and my dog has done it before as well! I’ve heard of CAFOD through my Church, and local events such as these! My local Church is All Hallows in Bollington.”

Robert Goulsbra, 34, was the winner of the Bollington Fun Run! from the Stockport Harriers. Number 733, who was presented with a bottle of wine.
“I live locally in Bollington, and my family lives here as well! This is my first time doing the run, I was a bit worried about the weather this morning but it seems to be okay now! I’ve heard of CAFOD through their local fundraising events. I enjoyed the run today, I’d do it again!”

Phil Gascall from Macclesfield,
“I’ve run all three years at Bollington, and before then I ran for CAFOD in Liverpool. I know the organisers from St Albans, it’s always such a good day out and a great Community event!”
a really good day out though, I’ve had a lovely Christmas over here!”

Helen and Lucy Clark,
“We go to the local Methodist Church here in Bollington, and Lucy goes to the guides at St Gregory’s. We saw a poster for the run, and thought we would get involved! It’s been nice to get active after Christmas and give something back to others during Christmas. It’s been muddy, but fun!”

A large group of Macclesfield Harriers, Neil Gunn from the group told us,
“For some of us this is our first time here! I’ve got a running blog and I’m definitely going to write about today’s CAFOD run. We run every Saturday together and it’s been fantastic today to get out after Christmas and do a Charity run for such a good cause.”

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