Aquinas College Manchester 10K Runners

Aquinas picture




From left to right (top row): Conneth Poland, Fiona Mochrie, Angel Oldfield, Catharine Oldfield,Middle Row: Timothy Clarke, Sarah Fielding, Anna Snape, Matt Greenhalgh, Chelsea Martinez, Helena Ward,

Front row: Simeon Clayton

Last month an Aquinas team of eleven (three staff, seven students and a parent) ran the Manchester 10k to raise money for CAFOD. It was not a hard task trying to get people to sign up, and a core group of students showed interest from the start. The training, on the other hand, proved more difficult. Most students had never run off the treadmill before and the first weekly venture to Woodbank Park in Stockport was quite difficult.

It was after the whole college assembly that the training seemed to kick up a notch. Here Timothy Clarke, an upper sixth student, and I delivered an assembly focusing on the importance of the home and the role of CAFOD in humanitarian aid in the wake of natural disasters. We showed a video of the good work CAFOD did for the Haiti appeal, and suggested that if we raised £1,000 that would be the equivalent of two houses for families who have lost their homes in Bangladesh. We set up a text number for the Aquinas just giving page and asked at the end of the assembly if anyone would like to donate – the response was phenomenal and we raised £700 through texts and over £200 in change donation.  It felt strange asking the students to get their phones out in assembly rather than expecting them to put them away!

It was a great feeling on the day of the run and we all sported our CAFOD vests and got ready to start together. Although the last kilometre was quite difficult, all made it to the finishing post with times ranging from 47mins-1hr29. Matt Greenhalgh from the lower sixth was the bearer of the 47minutes completion time, and is looking into completing half marathons for CAFOD in the future.  Overall, the staff and students had a fantastic day, and although the amount raised hasn’t been finalised, it is looking as though we are nearing the £1,500 mark which could be the equivalent of three houses for families in Bangladesh.  Student Chelsea Martinez said that the whole day was ‘a great experience’.

Anna Snape

We have recently received the final total raised by  Aquinas College Runners. It was an amazing £1,455.71!!!!

Well done !!!!


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