St Vincent de Paul Parish Altrincham and Local Pastoral Area “Hungry for Change Sponsored Walk”

This walk on May 11th  raised a gift aided total of £300 and was led by Kevin McCarthy (5th from left) the Local Pastoral Area Walks Guide. The covered about 4 miles in the Dunham Massey area and prayers were said at salient points, for justice in global food growth and distribution. The prayer cards were supplied by CAFOD’s Hungry for Change/ IF Campaign. The photographer, Grace Gallagher, supplied the banner.

This was part of this year’s awareness and donation campaign in Altrincham and accompanies collections and the notice board information on “Hungry for Change” at the Parish Church of St Vincent.

We were very happy at the amount raised by walkers for a morning’s work-and grateful for the coffee break at Dog Farm on a drizzly day!!!

Terry Morris



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