UCM Wallasey Greet the people of Samrong Mean Chey

“The Union of Catholic Mothers from St Alban’s Parish, Wallasey join in friendship and prayer
with the people of Samrong Mean Chey in Cambodia.”

The Union of Catholic Mothers at St Alban’s Wallasey recently invited CAFOD to give a presentation about Cambodia. They have a link with Cambodia through the Parish and wanted to know more about the areas in which CAFOD worked and the approaches we take to our worki.e. how our values come through our work.
The ladies were moved by the human stories and wanted to send a picture and message to the Samrong Mean Chey Community.

Clodagh Byrne The Programme Support Officer for Cambodia wrote the following:

Thanks so much for the photos and message. I will send it on to SCC and the Samrong Meanchey community today. Actually this week is a special time for Cambodia – they are celebrating their annual Pchum Benh festival, an important holy week, where families remember their ancestors. They visit temples to pray, light candles and incense and prepare traditional food offerings for the monks. I am sure that SCC and the Samrong Meanchey community will be delighted to receive this greeting from the Union of Catholic Mothers during this special time of celebration.

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