Gemma and Charlotte Volunteers in Shrewsbury

Hi we’re Charlotte and Gemma, two sixthform students from Ellesmere Port Catholic High School, who have been volunteering for CAFOD since October.

“At the moment I study textiles, philosophy&ethics, maths and further maths in sixthform. After the upcoming exams hopefully I will achieve the grades I need to accept my offer from the University of York to study maths and philosophy, which I very much look forward to!” Gemma
“Currently, I am studying textiles, French and English in sixthform. Next year I’ll be going to Mid-Cheshire College to complete a foundation diploma in art and design, which will then prepare me to study fashion and textiles at university, something that I immensely enjoy.” Charlotte

Every Wednesday afternoon we come and help out in the Shrewsbury CAFOD office in Chester, in any way we are needed. Sometimes we get to help out with some really exciting projects for example, the Alternative Christmas Market in St John’s Church, Chester. Before the day we planned everything for the event from designing the stall to attract customers to making some posters to educate people about CAFOD’s work. We also made use of our textiles skills by making some stockings to put around the display. On the night there was a clear sense that Christmas was around the corner with people singing carols and doing their bit for the less fortunate, including us selling some CAFOD World Gifts in our reindeer antlers! Some of the other tasks we have undertaken during our time here at the CAFOD office include making some fun work sheets for primary school kids, making a large cross for display out of children’s work and creating an orienteering activity based on the life of Oscar Romero. Lots of the time we also did some general office work such as laminating, stocktaking, etc. But it doesn’t matter how we help out it’s still good to know we are making a difference; it’s all just as fun – well, maybe the Christmas Market was a little bit more interesting!

Soon we will be off to uni and college, but volunteering for CAFOD has been the most rewarding opportunity of our time in sixthform. And thanks to Sue and Liz, this has been an amazing experience that we’re sure we will never forget. We would like to thank Sue and Liz as they have been so friendly and kind, and made our time here so enjoyable. Spending time here is something which we will truly miss, but we will of course come back to visit, and hopefully still remain active in the CAFOD community!

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