Cubs take Global Challenge Badge

The Cub Scout Leader at 4th Bebington, St John’s New Ferry Group invited CAFOD to help prepare the cubs for their Global Challenge Badge. There are two parts to the challenge, firstly, to find out about a global issue such as poverty, and what they can do to help, and secondly, find out about the work of an international charity that helps around the world.
Eileen and Vin Brennan School volunteers visited the group to talk to them about the Haiti Disaster. The also made emergency shelters.
As a result of the talk the Cubs took part in the Wirral Coastal Walk and raised nearly £500 which was slit between CAFOD and another charity

Sheena Schofield the Cub Scout Leader said,
“The talk and slideshow from Eileen back in May was about the Haiti disaster and it made the Cubs very aware of the scale of the disaster. The follow-up really was raising funds through the walk, but they were also interested in CAFOD’s mobile phone recycling envelopes which also tied in with another part of the Global Challenge – recycling. I didn’t take any photos at the badge ceremony as we held it last Monday with our family picnic and the cubs were not in uniform, but I enclose a couple of photos from the walk.”

We would like to say a big thank you to all who were involved in the walk actually taking part or sponsoring to Sheena for setting up the visit and to Vin and Eileen for their input.

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